Hospital bags – this is your ‘go-bag’ filled with essential items when you’re finally ready to give birth to baby. It makes things a lot easier, especially if you’re not at home when the day arrives! It’ll be a lot less of a headache and hassle when you ask your partner to grab your stuff.

Can you imagine talking to him over the phone and telling him where to find the specific clothing items or slippers or explaining to him the difference between a nursing bra and a regular bra? Compare that to just asking him to grab a bag that you’ve already packed beforehand! Hassle-free.

Try to get your hospital bag packed when you’re around 32 to 36 weeks pregnant, to ensure that you’re as ready to go as possible. Treat packing this bag like how you’d be packing for a holiday, and try to place different items in separate Ziploc bags or folders for easier identification and access.

So what do you need to pack in your bag? Here’s a handy list for you!

Hospital Bag: Mum Stuff

  1. Copies of NRIC for you and your partner, insurance plans, any medical paperwork, and the original copy of your marriage certificate if you wish to register baby’s name at the hospital
  2. A comfortable gown or set of pyjamas with a dark colour or pattern to mask any stains
  3. A jacket or cardigan, as well as socks, because hospitals can get pretty cold
  4. Easy to slip-on, comfy slippers
  5. Disposable underwear
  6. A few nursing bras
  7. Toiletries (hospitals usually provide this for you, but you may want to use your own)
  8. Lip balm and hairbrush to help keep you looking tidy when you take your first photo with baby
  9. Breast pump to help with lactation and producing breastmilk (hospitals usually allow you to rent pumps from them)
  10. Some pillows/cushions or comfort items to help you relax
  11. Charging cables for your phone, laptop, or tablet
  12. Your favourite snacks (as long as it’s alright to eat!)
  13. Clothes for when you’re heading home

Hospital Bag: Dad Stuff

  1. Video recording device if you wish to take videos
  2. Powerbank/external battery for your devices
  3. A book, tablet, gaming device, or kindle to help entertain yourself (plus their respective charging cables)
  4. A set of clothes if you’re planning to stay overnight
  5. Toiletries (don’t forget to bring a shaver and shaving cream too!)

Hospital Bag: Baby Stuff

  1. Baby’s clothes
  2. Towel for baby
  3. Cute booties
  4. Swaddling blanket
  5. Baby beanie
  6. Diapers (hospitals usually provide this too)
  7. Rear-facing infant car seat – you can’t really fit this in your hospital bag, so remember to set it up properly in your car 

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