There's actually no need to give your newborn a bath every day. Three times a week might be enough until your baby becomes more mobile. Bathing your baby too much can dry out his or her skin. If you're quick and thorough with diaper changes and burp cloths, you're already cleaning the parts that need attention — the face, neck and diaper area.

Instead of bathing your baby, wipe and cleanse her using a damp cloth, paying attention to the delicate and sensitive skin areas!

ABCDerm range of products is specially formulated to suit the delicate skin needs of babies. The H2O Micello solution for newborn and children not only cleanses, but soothes and provides immediate sense of freshness to the skin too!

The H2P Micello solution is incredibly simple to use! Just soak a cotton pad, washcloth or even a wet wipe and get started!

Here are the areas to take note of and how to clean it:

1. Face

Wipe baby’s forehead, nose, cheeks and chin gently. Do not scrub or rub her delicate skin!

2. Eyes

Gently wipe baby’s eyes from the inside corner, near her nose, to the outside corner. If she has dried matter around her eyes, pat the area with the cotton pad, and then gently wipe it away.

3. Behind the ear

Gently cleanse the back of baby’s ear and the outer parts of the eat with the soaked cotton pad. Do not attempt to put your finger or a cotton swab into baby’s ear to remove the earwax!

4. Neck folds

This area often gets easily irritated as baby drools and perspires. To cleanse, simply lift baby’s chin up gently and wipe her neck.

5. Nappy area

After wiping baby’s poo, use a cotton pad soaked with ABCDerma H2O and lightly wipe the nappy area. Finish off by drying it with a washcloth and applying your nappy cream.

Boys: Clean the urinary area first. Wipe under the testicles and in between the creases, especially between the thighs. Wipe the anus area last.

Girls: Always wipe from front to back to prevent any urinary tract infection. Ensure that all poo inside the labia is removed thoroughly.

Tip! Ensure that the cotton pad is sufficiently moist and use a new piece of cotton pad for each area!

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